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Where Can I Find the BEST Race Car Shirts Online?

When Matt and Kevin were young, they spent a considerable amount of their time around cars. In fact, Matt and Kevin would follow their family from one race track to the next all throughout the Midwest back in the 80s and 90s. This appreciation for automotive culture would lead Matt and Kevin to found Vintage Ltd., an online men's clothing company that focuses on shirts that represent the modern motorsport style. If you have been looking for the right clothing to represent your enthusiasm for automobiles, you've come to the right place!


It’s no secret, people dream of owning a luxury car someday. Owning a luxurious car is a symbol of status. A person with a luxury car is perceived as a person of power or a person who is classy, successful or smart. This is the inspiration for our modern motorsport style. Inspiration for our polos comes from striking car designs, race car liveries and exotic build materials. We’ve taken those design cues and incorporated them into our polo for something truly unique that appeals to the people who can appreciate the design and quality of a luxury car. 


The Neon Verde on Night Blue Polo Shirt is the signature polo in the Vintage Ltd. line-up. This nice slim-fit polo features an athletic design that embraces and emboldens the wearer. The Vintage Ltd. racecar patch makes it clear why you are wearing this polo and the carbon fiber buttons are a nice touch to round out the look. Vintage Ltd. is proud to make its online men's clothing options in America from the best materials possible.


Now that you have been introduced to Vintage Ltd, it is time to start shopping! Head to the Vintage Ltd. online shop today to see firsthand why people love our modern motorsport style. You'll be blown away by the quality and options available at Vintage Ltd!

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