How we got here

How come there are no cool car polos?

This was the question we contemplated over a few beers after a track day a couple year back.


There are the sponsored freebies you get from your local car club for attending an HPDE.


There are some for sale at your dealer’s ‘gift’ shop.

There are even a few sad attempts on Amazon.

The common denominator among these options?  They collect dust in the back of your closet waiting to get mercifully thrown out.

And from this, Vintage Ltd. was born.


Our mission is to become the brand dedicated to today’s automotive enthusiast.  We want the best designer polos  that will showcase your passion for this tight-knit culture.

Made in the USA 

Our polos were designed, cut and sewn in the U.S.  Not only is it important to support American manufacturing, but it means Vintage Ltd. polos are the highest quality product  you can wear with pride.

Vintage Ltd.

Chicago, IL

United States

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